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What is numerology ?

Numerology is a divination art, based on the analysis of numbers. This science, old like the world, is using the vibratory influence of the world. the famous “Pythagore” himself would have been initiate.Numbers are both Mathematical and Philosophical symbol. The simple rule is that for each letter, a number corresponding.

Numerology will give you information regarding present and future. It indicates the major tendance of your life. this art is used by many people in all the world, and especially in United States. Our numerologists work in several place, and some are from Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver. And also in other place in the Canada or United States.

Experts will use many factors to define a good analysis. The most well known can be your full name or your date of birth, or initial of your first name .

Each life path number, or each birthday number will define you more precisely.


How i can obtain my personality number ?

We will help you to find your master numbers. They will define you between one of the following category :

  • Control
  • Association
  • Sociability
  • Achievement
  • Mobility
  • Harmony
  • Interior life
  • Material expansion
  • Altruism

A single digit correspond to each category. Your master number will be one digit number between 1 and 9.

It will help you to find who you are and what you need to learn during your life. With this kind of result, you will avoid a soul urge. You will have a more comfortable life. All is more simple when you know who you are.


When i can use it ?

You can use it absolutely when you want. You can discover more about you. You need also to know that it’s not an easy art. Our Experts have spent many hours to discover this art, and they continue to learn each day.

You can also read some books who are talking about the vibration, like dow balliett. It will learn you the bases of this art.


How many methods exists ?

Many way to read numbers exist in the world. Two method are more famous :


Numerology with 9 digits : Arithmancy

This version use the table of the 9 numbers or on the Tripoli alphabet. Using Theosophical reduction principe, we replace each letter or word of the desired sentence, by a digit. We sum all the number to obtain a total. If this total is more than 9, we sum all the digit that compose this number. We continue against we obtain a single digit between 1 and 9.
Variant : In Recursive numerology, we transform the obtained number in letter, and we do a new sum.

We define several kind of number.

  • The expression number : it’s the sum of all letters (consonant and vowel) so the synthesis of motivation and personality. It supposed to represent your psychic profile, unique for each human. It’s your real image.

  • Intimate number : this number use only the sum of vowels. It will help you to discover some intimate information about you.

  • Achievement number : Using only consonants, it will this time define you as the other can see you.

With this free digits, we can start to have some interpretation about who you are.


Numerology with 22 digits : Cabalistic numbers

The Kabbale numerology use the twenty two letters of the hebrew alphabet.

Each word give a possibility to calculate is numerologic value. This method use several skills, to define master numbers. It give more association of words, who can define a better comprehension of one element or people. It’s a real opening version of numerology, where you have an infinity dimensions of spiritual knowledge.


How to become an expert in numerology ?

It’s a really long study time. Our experts have sacrificed their life to understand better the divination art. Sure they don’t do only numerology, as they also work for tarot card reading. It’s take minimum five years to obtain suffisant expertise and knowledge. Experience of life and prediction will help each professional in his spiritual analysis.


Does it can be interesting to use an automatic numerology system on the internet ?

Definitely not. Sure, number can be deducted and automatically calculated but the analysis start when you obtain it.

Only expert will make good choice to select which way he will calculate your future and your personality.

When you will have the real image of yourself,you can use numerology to obtain information on other problematic. Example, to guide your soul in your life.


How many time is needed for a first numerology analysis ?

It’s a hard question. A first resume can be realized in 30 mn. That, because our numerologist have lot of experience to manage it in this timeframe.

After, it will depend of your interest. Numerology can be renewed so many times. You can obtain information regarding your personality, your soul. But you can also obtain more specific information regarding present or future.

You will maybe need to join us at any moment because you need to find quick answer to your question. That’s why our numerologists stay available 7 days, 24 hours. We are one of the few services to warranty you a services at any time.


Numerology in other culture

Numerology with 9 digits is really famous and used since millenars, in many countries. We can found use of Numerology in India, Arabia, or China.

Arabic people have matched the 28 letter of their alphabet to numbers.

You have to imagine that numerology is not something new, coming from some marketing people. Most of the old cultures is using numbers to define the things. They use it since millenars, and they all adjust it to their alphabets.

Some big decision, taken by king or emperor was confirmed by numerology. Near council of government is using some specialist of numérology during many centuries.

In some way, the golden number is also a way to implement number in the building of houses, monuments.

History say that Pythagore is the father of this art. He is one of the most fabulous mathematician all time. So Numerology started at minimum in the 5th century before Jesus Christ.

More recently, some well-known name as Descartes, Diderot, Einstein have spent a part of their life to study numbers.